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    Moultrie Total Game Management Tripod Feeder

    The ultimate in deer feeders can only be found in Moultrie's Pro Magnum series. Our toughest-built feeder series combines the outstanding Pro Magnum Feeder kit with our durable plastic, tapered hopper. The 30-Gallon Pro Magnum Tripod is an affordable solution for hunters and game management teams needing multiple deer feeders in different locations. And they offer the best protection against varmints, the longest battery life and an unbeatable lifetime warranty. Schedule feed times up to 6 times a day with the programmable digital timer that's easy to use.

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    Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

    Weighing in at just 20 pounds, the Viper SD is Summit Treestand's lightest climbing treestand stand. Designed to provide a perfect balance of roominess, comfort, versatility, and low weight, the Viper SD is a solid choice for rifle or bow hunting--and for hunters who would like a more portable stand. The Viper SD features a comfortable foam-padded seat that can be raised for bow hunting and lowered for hunting with a gun. The solid front bar makes climbing easier and works well as a gun rest. The Viper SD is also highly portable with a frame that nests together and packs on your back.

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    Trophy Rock Four 65 Supplement

    Help your herd reach their full potential by safely and effectively restoring electrolytes and trace minerals. Simply mix one or two bags with topsoil to create a mineral site. To attract more deer, put one mineral site every 80 acres and refresh four times a year.
    Available: 30-lb. bag.

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    Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral Lick

    Trophy Rock is an all-natural mineral lick containing more than 60 beneficial trace minerals that grow bigger antlers, healthier deer, and successful hunts. Trace minerals are essential for animals to reach their development potential, and Trophy Rock has 60 naturally occurring trace minerals. Keep Trophy Rock available during the early spring and summer months, and your herd can get a huge benefit.

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