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    Buck Defender Natural Dewormer and Nutrition

    Buck Defender prevents and combats roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, pinworms within a week of consumption. Buck Defender's recommended use is 365 days a year because of the chance of contact with parasites due to the whitetail's enviroment. Buck Defender's ability to attract deer increases overall animal health.

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    Deer Corn

    Mixed in house with our own special blend of corn, molasis, and more.

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    Moultrie M-990i Game Camera

    This infrared game camera delivers big pictures, has a quick response time and is an easy way to bring trail activity to life. The M-990i delivers crisp, high-resolution 10MP pictures and HD video. This video provides clear sound, day or night, so you know exactly what game is in your area or feeding at your plot. The FastFire shooting mode captures four pictures per second with a trigger speed of less than one second. The infrared flash reduces the amount of red light seen by game as well as prolongs the flash's duration without sacrificing quality.

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    Moultrie M-880 8MP Low Glow Infrared Mini Game Camera

    A great thing just got even better. The Moultrie M-880 is an 8.0 megapixel Low Glow infrared mini game camera. The Illumi-Night sensor provides bright, clear nighttime images and the Motion Freeze feature reduces nighttime blur. There is a moon phase, temperature, time, date and camera ID stamp. The FastFire Continuous Shooting option takes 1-4 pictures per second, followed by Multi-Shot, taking 1-3 pictures. The M-880 has four operational modes: IR triggered game camera, time-lapse plot camera, HD video day and night, and plot camera by day, infrared camera at night. This camera contains an SD memory card slot (up to 332GB), and can support 9500+ images on 8 AA batteries. For extra safety, the M-880 is password protected.

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