accessories, feeders, waterers and more

Below are some of our accessories for your farm and more. If you have any questions please call: (931) 484- 2937.

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    "Feed King" Creep Feeders

    Complete Portability allows you to move the cattle feeder empty or loaded to different locations. Lever Action Top Door is easily opened from the ground. Full length top door allows easy filling by your local feed mill, a grinder-mixer, bulk tractor, or auger wagon.

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    Bunk Feeders

    Lightweight and easy to move. Durable poly liner is held securely with rivets. We carry sheep, horse, and cattle bunk feeders. Available in 5 ft and 10 ft.

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    AG SPRAY Equipment

    Heavy Duty Low Profile Frame. Pressure, Strainer & Agitation Assemblies. 11L-15 Implement Tread Tires. Hypro 8 Roller Pump. Adjustable Hitch 15” Jack. BOOM OPTIONS: Boomjet Nozzle With Manual Valve & 43L Handgun - Covers 40’. 8 Row Deluxe Boom With 144 Electric Valve &43L Handgun - Covers 28’. Hamilton Nozzle With Manual Valve & 43L Handgun - Covers 36’. Hypro Boom Extender Nozzles With Manual Valve & 43L Handgun - Covers 36'.

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    T Post Driver

    Heavy duty metal constructioin. No digging needed. Large easy-to-grip handles.