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    Gallagher M100 "The Wrangler" Fence Energizer

    Powers up to 30 acres/6 miles of multi-wire permanent fence. Stored energy: 1.0 Joules. Indicator light flashes with every pulse. Maintains output voltage through heavy fence load. Low impedance. Stainless steel terminals. 2-year warranty..

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    Gallagher Solar Fence Energizer S17

    Powers up to 10 acres (1 miles) of multi-wire fence. Stored Energy: 0.17 Joules (Approx.). Comfortable carrying handle -- portable. Large terminals enable correct grounding for best Energizer performance. High-impact, UV resistant plastic case for weatherproof, rust-proof outdoor use. Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days. Maintenance-free rechargeable battery included. Fits on top of steel T-post. Internal 6V 7AH rechargeable battery included.

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    Gallagher Lightning Diverter

    Diverts lightning from the fence to the earth to protect the Energizer. Can withstand multiple lightning strikes. Easily adjustable to suit any Energizer.

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    Gallagher Digital Volt Meter

    Monitors fence voltage and helps trace fence-line shorts and faults. The DVM reads the voltage for battery energizers even when the energizers are in Battery Save Mode. Powered by one 9V battery with a life of 6-12 months. Water resistant. Pocket size.

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